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The Wexford Massacre

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  1. Sep 11,  · On September 11, , the County Louth town of Drogheda was the scene of one of the worst massacres to take place on Irish soil, blackening the name of Oliver Cromwell in Ireland forever.
  2. Massacre at Drogheda A number of the townspeople fled for safety to St. Peter's Church, on the north side of the city, but every one of them was murdered, all defenceless and unarmed as they were; others took refuge in the church steeple, but it was of wood, and Cromwell himself gave orders that it should be set on fire, and those who attempted.
  3. My grandfather could recall the stories handed down from his grandfather, Edmund Comerford, of the John Street massacres in Wexford in , the executions on Wexford Bridge in , and how he.
  4. The Wexford Massacre Irish folk Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written by M.J. Barry. Recorded by The Grehan Sisters from Boyle in the County Of Roscommon. An Irish rebel song. Chords by Marc.(use a capo on the 2nd fret 4/4) The sheet music is included.
  5. ratiye of facts relative i massacre of the irish protestakts wexford, scullabogue, and vinegar hill ; in the year and theiu analogy to the present position of protestants in america. selected from masgrave's history of the irish rebellion. philadelphi wm. s. young, printer— 50 n. sixth st.
  6. Sep 11, - Cromwell captures Drogheda. He backs this up with a massacre -- at the very least, the garrison and the Catholic clergy are killed. His enemies report that he slaughtered indiscriminately October - Cromwell attacks and captures Wexford May 26, - Cromwell leaves Ireland.
  7. of UK,Ireland,Wexford-Co,New-Ross with orders to put them all to death for the third time, he agreed & told his men to proceed. At about am the Scullabogue Massacre began. It appears that around 20 or so rebels conducted the entire massacre while most of the guarding party stood about & watched. The killings were not carried out hurriedly.
  8. The Wexford Massacre: By Michael Joseph Barry (–) The Wexford Massacre, which occurred Oct. 12, , was the result of Cromwell’s storming of that place and was part of his ferocious policy in Ireland. THEY knelt around the cross divine —.

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