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  1. Define turnstile. turnstile synonyms, turnstile pronunciation, turnstile translation, English dictionary definition of turnstile. n. 1. A gate having projecting bars that can be rotated to allow one person at a time to pass through, often having a mechanism to allow passage only in one.
  2. Turnstile lets you collect emails and names from the visitors who watch your videos across your website. It’s a clean form that can appear at any time during your video and will work on any — and all — devices. Control the experience Have your forms display discreetly on-hover, or pause the video to capture your viewer’s attention.
  3. Waist High Turnstile Definition: Waist high turnstiles, or tripod turnstiles, are three-arm turnstiles that sit at waist mezishakarhuginisdaikasa.xyzinfo are designed to control access into or out of a point of entry by only allowing a single person access at a time. These rugged turnstiles are very common and are used for a variety of projects.
  4. TURNSTILES Global provides customized security solutions around the world. Featuring premium products, professional installation, maintenance, and support, w e are proud to represent the best selection of top-quality brands in security turnstiles and access control systems.
  5. Turnstile definition, a structure of four horizontally revolving arms pivoted atop a post and set in a gateway or opening in a fence to allow the controlled passage of people. See more.
  6. TURNSTILE Turnstiles. products found. Security turnstiles and access control gates help to control the flow of foot traffic at entrances in arenas, office buildings, and other large facilities. Turnstile components, such as horizontal rails and center posts can be used to repair or upgrade compatible turnstile systems. Digital counters can.
  7. turnstile definition: 1. a device that controls the way into or out of a building, room, or area of land, especially one. Learn more.
  8. Our Turnstile Services Avant-Garde Turnstiles specializes in secured entry solutions in the United States and abroad. From sales and installation to maintenance and repair services our company is built from the ground up to deliver the very best in turnstile security solutions.
  9. A turnstile canopy is commonly used to help protect turnstiles from the elements and provide roof-line security. Portable Single Turnstile with Plexiglass Canopy This unit combines the AGT single turnstile with a portable base and an attractive Plexiglass canopy.

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